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Week of 14 May to 18 May

This week marked the first week of my internship and the beginning stages of a long summer. I was able to complete 20 hours of the requirement as I am faced with some health complications and had other family events to take care of. I came to learn that as I am not yet a member of the museum I am limited in what tasks I am able to perform around the museum. I am currently unable to be trained as a Docent at the museum in order to guide tours or allowed to represent the museum outside of simply performing other tasks but did what I could while there. I spent much of my time during the week working with the restoration team at the museum on sanding paint off of a recently received F-16 that they are preparing for paint and new markings so that it can join the other aircraft at the museum on display. When not performing tasks with the team working on the F-16 I was working with the curator on moving displays into their new homes and helping get things in order to prepare for the event that the museum has scheduled for 2 June 2018 and helped him in covering displays so that he could hose down the aircraft of all dust. In times between doing this I tagged along on a few tours to gain an understanding of how they are conducted and the general path taken and in doing so was able to answer some questions on material that I had some knowledge of from our research conducted in Colorado History during the Spring 2018 semester. I made acquaintance with many of the volunteers at the museum so that everyone who is a docent or holds some other position at the museum was aware that I was there and would be interning there over the summer.

Posted 19 May 2018

Week of 21 May to 25 May

The week spanning 21 May to 25 May ended with another 19 hours complete of the total requirement leaving me with 39 hours total. This week Lee and I spent our time helping our supervisor and the curator in completing placard templates. We spent about three full days going through the aircraft at the museum and ensuring that aircraft models and serial numbers were correct. After successfully doing so for the aircraft that still had their data plates attached we took the templates back to the curators office that holds the files for all museum exhibits and began going through individual folders and researching them to see if they were correct and if all the information on the different aircraft were correct. We also corrected the placards for correct grammar and punctuation. This took up Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday as we finished them off in a quick and orderly fashion so that they could be sent off and be made in time for next weekend I believe. Other than that I helped out a little bit around the museum as I did last week and did what I could. I anticipate being able to help out much more in the coming weeks once I am able to gain my membership status to the museum and the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society which will allow me to do much more around the museum.

Posted 25 May 2018

Week of 27 May to 2 June

This week we spent most of the time preparing the museum for the event on Saturday June 2. We moved a lot of the aircraft out of Hangar 1 to move the F-15 and F-16 into the hangar for the dedication ceremony and to make room for the band and tables for people to eat and sit at. I helped out in the parking lot during the event and was in charge of the gate for the staff parking area. I helped out a little in the gift shop and walked around giving my younger sister a tour around hangar one. Throughout the week I arrived early to help open up the hangars and get all the displays and T.V.s powered up. I had 36 hours this week leaving me at a total of 75 hours thus far for the summer.

Posted 2 June 2018

Week of 4 June to 8 June

This week was spent primarily opening the museum for business by opening the hangars, training the new volunteer at the museum on how we conduct tours and helping him where necessary and conducting tours myself. I got plenty of people started on self guided tours and conducted a few guided tours myself to the best of my ability as I myself am still learning about the museum’s collection. It has become easier to interact with the people that visit the museum as I get more attempts at it but as far as the guided tours go they get more difficult as we journey throughout the museum. When I have time to sit down in the gift shop and focus I do my best to read up on the aircraft so that when I am asked to give a guided tour I am able to give as much information to the patrons as humanly possible but this come easily some days and much more difficult on others as some days are extremely slow with almost no visitors and others are rather busy. I was able to log 26 hours for the week bringing my total to 101 hours completed thus far.

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